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K48 issue No. 3: TEENAGE REBEL

$10.00 / On Sale

Combining both a fascination and repulsion for pop culture and its obsession with youth, the third issue was dedicated to the idea of the teenage rebel. K48 had been received as somewhat of a rebel on the art scene and this issue toyed with the idea of its own outsider status and the rise to fame and fortune offered by pop culture. Each issue would successively expand on topics and sources in a heterotopic fashion and the contributors list grew to innovators such as assume vivid astro focus, Emily Sundblad, Rachel Howe, Mike Paré, Tyson Reeder, Devendra Banhart, David West, Dearraindrop, Aïda Ruilova, PFFR, and Robert Melee. The issue reassessed idols from the 80s and 90s, as well as introducing teen idols of the future, often in a humorous and critical fashion.

CD: Phiiliip, P.F.F.R, W.I.T, Yes and No, Kid America, Prance, Hungry Wives, KID 606, Avenue D featuring Cazwell, Gravy Train, Misty Martinez, Creme Blush, Soviet, Deerhoof / mixed by Phiiliip / videos: Robert Melee, My Robot Friend, Mike Paré, Dearraindrop

Publication date: 2002
Edition size: 3,000

SALE PRICE INCLUDES BOOK with poster (No CD - all out)

10 MINT COMPLETE COPIES LEFT WITH CD + POSTER, each $100—inquire within.