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K48 issue No. 4: Kult 48


The cult of the teenager proved to be a fertile topic for K48 and the fourth issue continued to explore the idea of the cult to the fullest. The magazine used a biblical design framework for the issue, and featured a plethora of approaches to the subject, such as religion and the occult, family and sexuality. An eclectic mix of contributors included among others: Bruce LaBruce, Hanna Liden, Maurizio Cattelan, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Paul P., Scott Treleaven, Matthew Brannon, Charlie Manson, Matthew Day Jackson, Banks Violette, Sue de Beer, Ira Cohen, Andrew Guenther, Grant Worth, Jeff Davis, Shoplifter and Christian Holstad, making us all lifetime members of the cult of the modern world.

CD arranged by Phiiliip / hymns: PFFR, My Robot Friend, Yes and No, Black Moustache, Hungry Wives, Sophia Lamar w/Phiiliip, Avenue D, Gravy Train!!!!, Tara Jo Delong, Ghost Exits, Monotrona, Momus, Centuries, Devendra Banhart, Rusty Santos, Ivy Nicholson, Matmos.. The Dark Mix: Angelblood, Sweet Thunder, Wolf Eyes, Sightings, Antelucem, Animal Collective, Excepter, Matmos, Queens / videos: Avenue D, Hidden Cameras, Marc D'Andre, LOVID

Publication date: 2003
Edition size: 3,000