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K48 issue No. 6: IN LOCK DOWN WE BITE!


The sixth issue of K48 became a direct reaction to the political situation in the U.S. at the time. Dystopian dreams of controlled societies, control of information and more theoretical threads about the prison system and punishment derived from Foucault helped to shape the issue. Contributions from prisoners and people who have been imprisoned or gone through treatments for mental problems, the issue insisted on providing interesting aesthetic and visual departures for deeply problematic and very real issues. Michael Bilsborough, SUPERM, Billy Miller, Annika Larson, Eve Fowler, Christophe Chemin, Juliet Jacobson, Jonah Freeman, Wesley O'Meara, Telfar Clemens, Caitlin McBride, Michael Mahalchick, Hiro Sugiyama, Alice Könitz, Geir Haraldseth and Rachel Mason are among the many contributors to the magazine, which were all individually wrapped in pages of the New York Post.

CD: PFFR, Phiiliip, Mirror Mirror, Tobell von Cartier, Jordan and Andrew, Tha Pumpsta and Friends, CircleSquare, Telepathe, Japanther, Roxy Pain, Hey Willpower, The Black Peter Group, Snuten, My Barbarian, White Tiger, Pink Sock, The Swimming Pools, V.I.P., Tobias Bernstrup / + a video by Martha Colburn with music by Felix Kubin & Cool Haven

Publication date: 2006
Edition size: 3,000