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K48 issue No. 8: ABRAK48DABRA


The eighth issue of K48 magazine continues to explore contemporary culture with magic as a central theme of the issue. Once again, deploying its well-known penchant for combining an electric mix of artists drawing from various disciplines, K48 unveils the unknown territory of the supernatural. With collaborations by artists such as: Nancy de Holl, Kari Altmann, Brian Belott, Joseph Whitt, Robert Bittenbender, DIS Magazine, and a full length CD by BOOKWRMZ featuring Mirror Mirror, SALEM, Light Asylum, House of LaDosha, Teengirl Fantasy, and Unsolved Mysteries, among others—it's an indulgent foray into the realms of mystery, enchantment, surprises, and illusions that are at times ethereal, and at other times staggering.

Publication date: 2010
Edition size: 1,000