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Untitled (Flyby)


Untitled (Flyby), 3-frame lenticular, 9 inches diameter, edition of 10 + 2APs, 2015 (framing by Pranayama Art with UV non-glare glass included in price). Untitled (Flyby) animates images from NASA's New Horizon taken in July 2015 of planet Pluto—lord of the underworld and 1980s gay pornstar, Lee Ryder who died of AIDS in 1991. Shot from the dark side of Pluto, the bright ring is the planet’s nitrogen atmosphere evoking a sexually charged solar eclipse, or total eclipse of the heart. Pluto’s moon, Charon (one of 5), named for the ferryman who carries dead souls to their afterlife. Pluto and Charon are tidally locked, orbiting around a central point with the same faces always pointing toward each other. The artist pays tribute to his teenage crush and his love of animality on Earth, terraforming Pluto as a heavenly body for Ryder to inhabit for eternity.